Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Blue 5

Welcome to Blue 5. We are a new class of mixed year 5/6 children. There are currently 6 children in this class. Our class teacher is Sarah Bishop and our Teaching Assistant is Grace Dimmock.


                          Sarah                    Grace


What we have been doing this half term: 

In our topic this half term we have been looking at ‘The Environment’ all around us and what we can do to help it. We collected recycling and sorted it, cared for our garden and conducted an energy survey around school teaching people how they could save electricity.


We read the book ‘George Saves the World by Lunchtime’ and designed our own world saving super heroes!!!!


We made models using junk recycling materials


We continue to enjoy Learning outside the classroom with Sue and have been visiting the Cannock Chase on a Friday. We made treasures and took them to hang by the fairy houses.




We have been working hard on our Maths, looking at money, measuring and fractions in maths


We have been writing character descriptions in English. We visit the Library on a Friday afternoon to borrow a book for the weekend and read to Sarah or Grace on a Tuesday morning. We spend some time in soft play on a Tuesday and we really enjoy this.

We have really enjoyed our time spent together in Blue 5, we have lots of lovely memories to take with us of our Sherbrook journey.