Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Blue 4 class 

Overview of class

Welcome to Blue 4. We are a lively year 5/6 class who follow the key stage 2 curriculum and do lots of activities both inside and outside of school. We still have to do English, Maths, Science and Art along with a range of other subjects. There are 9 children in Blue 4. Sue is the teacher. Jo and Pam are the Teaching Assistants, and Oliver is an Apprentice.


      Sue                Jo P                  Pam             Oliver


What we did last half term

In Maths we have used beads and a number square to count on and take away in 10’s and 11’s. We have revisited pie charts and learned to read temperatures correctly on a thermometer. Opportunity has also been given to look at weight and to recognise greater and smaller amounts when comparing animals, as well as adding amounts of money to solve simple maths questions.

In English we have been following our topic about Mary Anning the fossil hunter. We have answered questions about the topic and looked at the locations of where Mary Anning lived. Time has been spent working on full stops and capital letters in writing and we have used our imagination to write a story. 


We used dinosaurs to write descriptions and definitions and have illustrated these with pictures.


Over the last few weeks we have looked at being kind to those around us and ways in which we can be kind to them.

Our extra-curricular activities have included a visit to Gailey reservoir for walks around the reservoir and opportunity to see local wildlife and gain an enjoyment of the outdoors. Times also been spent in the wooded area exploring the different environment.


Our other visit was to Weston Park, where we were fortunate to have the play area to ourselves giving us a chance to gain confidence in our gross motor skills along with maintaining good relationships with our peers when using the equipment.


Our parental engagement saw a number of parents, carers and siblings coming to join us for a picnic and a walk on the Chase.



This half term and reminders


We would like to remind you to check pupil’s bags regularly for letters and information and that it really helps your son if you can spare a few minutes each day to read their reading book.


Monday in school all day – school uniforms please

  • Morning Maths and English
  • Afternoon Music and P.E


Tuesday track suit bottoms and school tops please

  • Morning – Flip Out Trampoline Park
  • Afternoon – Science and outdoor learning.



  • Morning – in school – Maths and English
  • Afternoon – Chasewater Country Park - Lake walk and wildlife spotting


Thursday in school - school uniform please

  • Morning -Maths and English
  • Afternoon – Outdoor Learning and P.E


Friday comfortable outdoor clothing please

  • Morning – Wolseley Wildlife Centre Wild Play Sessions.
  • Afternoon - in school ICT and Art.


               Thank you for your continued support.