Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Blue 4 class 

Overview of class

Welcome to Blue 4. We are a lively year 5/6 class who follow the key stage 2 curriculum and do lots of activities both inside and outside of school. We still have to do English, Maths, Science and Art along with a range of other subjects. There are 9 children in Blue 4. Sue is the teacher. Jo and Pam are the Teaching Assistants, and Oliver is an Apprentice.


      Sue                Jo P                  Pam             Oliver


What we have been doing this half term

In maths we have been colouring shapes in to find the different fractions. We have also been learning to recognise coins and to make amounts of money out of them. We have revisited measuring in centimetres and measuring different things from wheels to crocodiles.



In English we have all enjoyed reading the book the Lorax and discussing the lessons we learnt from the book that we need to care for our planet. We have also been writing character descriptions of different characters from the Lorax. We also had great fun using our imagination to design our very own leaflet for our sports day.


Our visits this term have included going to Flipout trampoline park where we have been developing our confidence and our gross motor skills.


We have been exploring chasewater where we have looked at wildlife and have been improving our relationships on the playground. We even built sandcastles on the beach and looked for small treasures – rocks and stones.


We have all enjoyed our visits to Wolseley wildlife centre where we have tried different activities like pond dipping and den building. However the firm favourite had to be grass sledging which we all tried for the first time.


We had our sports day on the 26th of June and all the boys did fantastic! It was nice to see so many parents come and support them.


Following on from learning about fossils, we visited Wrens Nest where we learnt about all the local fossils. We even got to find a few ourselves!


We would like to thank all the parents and carers that have helped us over this past year. Have a great summer!