Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 3 class

Welcome to Red 3. We are a year 3/4 class and are part of key stage 2. We currently have 13 children in class. Julia is our class teacher. Stacey and Vicki are our Teaching Assistants.


                 Julia                 Stacey              Vicki H              


What we have been doing this half term

This term for our topic red 3 have been learning about the rainforest. We learnt about how people live, what people eat, differences between their homes and ours and also deforestation which the children found quite sad.  The children particularly enjoyed tasting some exotic fruits and cooking some rainforest inspired foods.

We made some tree houses out of Lego and a GIANT one for the classroom.



In science we have learnt about food chains, classifying animals and how plants grow.



We have learnt about symmetry in maths and made some fantastic symmetrical pictures with grids and paint.


Whilst learning outside the classroom red 3 have had great fun making stick trails, wild art, made potions, planting vegetable and making journey sticks.



In English we have been reading stories about the jungle such as Monkey Puzzle, The Queens Orangutan, Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Mr Tiger goes wild and Where the Wild things are.