Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 3 class

Welcome to Red 3. Julia is our class teacher. Helen, Lisa and Alice  are our Teaching Assistants.

     Julia               Helen                  Alice                    Lisa


What we did last half term:.

We have been learning about babies and how we look after them. The class were involved role play and we had a real baby visit us. We labelled a body naming the different body parts.

The children completed jigsaws of pictures of themselves on the interactive board or the ipads.

 In English we read the story ‘Peace At Last’. The children used pictures and sound boxes to copy the sounds in the story.                        

Our new story is ‘The Stick Man’. The children made stickmen from twigs and string and drew stickmen using mud during outdoor learning.

In Maths we have learned to song ‘5 Little speckled Frogs’. The children used natural materials to create the scenes and used frogs to act out the different numbers in the song matching the number of frogs to a given number up to 5 using logs and lily pads.


Dates for your diary

8th November – Bonfire disco

26th November –Theatre company in school

11th December – Prince of Wales performance

12th December – Parental engagement session 1.30pm

14th December – Christmas jumper and shopping day

14th December – Topic Homework due in

18th December – Party Day

19th December – Santa visiting school

20th December – Church service and Christmas dinner

24th December – 6th January – Christmas holidays


Thank you for your continued support.