Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 4 class

Welcome to Red 4. We are a mixed year 3 and 4 class. There are currently 13 children in the class. Our teachers are Sally (Tuesday - Friday) and Sarah (Mondays). Our Teaching Assistants are Kath and Vicki.


     Sally               Sarah               Kath               Vicki


What we did last half term:

We learned about our senses in Science.


In Maths we went on a hunt for socks and then hung them on a line in pairs.


We went in the darkroom and tried out our silhouette puppets.



What we are doing this half term / Reminders:

This half term our topic is Celebrations.

Please remember:

Tuesday is PE.

Thursday is swimming. Many thanks to all our parents and carers who come to help. We really do appreciate it.

May we remind everyone it is most helpful if your children have names in their clothes. We have quite a few jumpers in class with no names if anyone would like to take a look.