Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 3 class

Welcome to Red 3. There are 12 children in our class. Julia is our class teacher. Helen, Lisa and Alice  are our Teaching Assistants.



What we did last half term:

Last half term we were learning about the Vikings. We learned about what they did and what they ate. We made axes and made our names from runes.

We dressed up in Viking costumes and learned the Viking song to perform for our parents / carers at our parental engagement. We made Viking ships and tested them to see if they floated.



In science we learned about light sources. We had lots of different lights to explore.


In English we have been learning rhyming words and learning the poem ‘Don’t Do Don’t Do That’ by Michael Rosen. The children really enjoyed listening to this as it was very funny.

In Maths we learned about forwards and backwards, stop and go. We had made cars and pretended to drive around the classroom listening to instructions. 

We also pretended to be Beebots too.


Dates for your diary

Swimming continues until Easter. If you are able to help in the pool we would be very grateful.


Thank you for your continued support.