Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 5 class

Welcome to Red 5. There are 13 children in our class. The class will be a mixed year 3/4 group. Our teacher is Julia. Our Teaching Assistants are Caroline/Kath, Zoe and Sally-Ann.




What we did last half term:  

In Science we have been learning about different animals. We have been learning about what they eat (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore), where they live (habitats) and what they look like (characteristics)


In our Topic work we travelled around the world on a ‘magic carpet’ and learnt about different countries. We talked about landmarks, cultures and celebrations.

We enjoyed learning about Indian weddings and had Henna Mehndi patterns painted on our hands using water colour paints

In English we focused on story telling and story writing. We know that stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.

We have learnt a lot about 2D and 3D shapes and talked about their properties.

We have also been working with fractions and opened our own Pizza Parlour in our role play corner.       

We have had lots of fun in the run up to Christmas and enjoyed a visit from none other than Santa himself. He even brought two of his good friends, Vera and Grace the donkeys, with him.


What we are learning this half term:

Our topic is Ancient Rome.



Please remember: Thursday and Friday is PE.  Please can children come to school in their PE clothes on that day.

May we remind everyone it is most helpful if your children have names in their belongings.


Thank you for your continued support.