Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 2 class

Welcome to Blue 2. We are an upper key stage 2 class.  Jas is the Teacher. Stacey is the Teaching Assistant. Vicki, Tara and Jess are the ISA's. 




What we have been learning in Spring 2:

Our class have been looking at:

English: We have been doing lots of work on the books called “Tidy” and “Too much stuff!” by Emily Gravett. We then compared these two books and used these books to help the children write statement, question and command sentences. They also learnt how to change words from the past to present tense in their writing.


Maths: We have been learning how to measure objects with non-standards units then we used rulers to measure in centre meters. We looked at comparing length and height of objects, tens and units and less than. 

Science: we have been learning all about different forces  gravity, air resistance, push and pull, pulleys and leavers. We had great fun testing theses forces out.

Topic: The children have looked at how archaeologists find information out about the past we, had ago at being an archaeologists and dug for clues. We looked at Hill Forts, round house, Celtic warriors and their weapons. We also had a go at throwing foam spears and bow and arrows.


Forest Schools: We have loved getting outside this half term. During Forest School sessions we have made pancakes on the fire, made bird feeders, bird nest parcels, mother’s day presents, Easter arts and crafts.


What we are learning in Summer 1.

During the Summer 1 term 2022 we will be looking at Anglo Saxons and Spring watch.



Children will be doing Forest School sessions on a Monday, swimming on Wednesday’s and P.E on Friday’s. 

We will let you know of any important dates in the dairy and via Dojo.

Thank you for your continued support.